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HIV Testing Made Easy

Losing fear of HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS has been for a long time the most famous sexually transmitted infection, practically the only one known by people. Now other bacteria and viruses are on the spotlight, like gonorrhoea, chlamydia and parvovirus, as well as some long dated infections like syphillis. However, the thing with HIV is how - and when - it became famous. The virus has had a terrible image from the beginning, not only as a disease that can kill, but also as an infection deeply associated with behaviours and sexual practices heavily judged by society.

As a result, many people were terrified to find out - or let others find our - that they had HIV. The disease was new and linked to heavy prejudice, so there's been a lot of misinformation about how dangerous it can be and how easily you can catch it. Myths like kisses or sharing glasses being contagious, along with the negative image of HIV possitive people - associated with homosexuality, drug use and/or promiscuity - turned the infection into a real boogieman for a long time.

It is fundamental to educate the population about the truth of HIV. Stop segregation and fear and let them know that having HIV or AIDS is no longer deadly, contagion is much more difficult than they think, it isn't necessarily associated with a bad sexual behaviour of any kind, and most important of all, that anyone can have it and there are great treatments now that allow HIV possitive people to have a quality life for years and years.

HIV tests are for both the prince and the pauper

Hundreds of thousands of people are HIV possitive in the United Kingdom, and many of them are unaware of this. Carrying the virus in such terms is really dangerous, not only because the person is untreated, and early treatment is fundamental por many infections; but also due to how many sexual partners can be infected if the proper precautions aren't taken.

In order to rise awareness about this matter as well as prove that HIV tests are for everyone, Prince Harry took a test for the virus at a clinic a few days ago. When he was asked why he was doing so, his reply was simple. He was trying to make the point that anyone should do it. If a prince can walk into a clinic and get a blood sample, we all can. 

We have to lose fear of this infection, because in the end, that fear is only doing us harm. Nowadays, treatment has improved a lot since the early days, tests are much simpler and life expectation of HIV possitive people has increased to a point where there is no comparison. HIV treatments now have excellent clinical outcomes and little to no side effects. There are communities fighting to get information across the population, educate everybody on safe sex and the current state of art of HIV and AIDS. 

These communities also offer contention and advice for HIV possitive people. One of the things that they stress the most is the importance of testing in order for the infection to be detected and treated. You can click here for more information about HIV.

Get tested for HIV! It's easier than ever before!

Technology improves constantly and the medical science is no exception to this. New techniques are developed year after year in order to provide a faster, safer and more reliable method of detecting the presence of HIV. Today, an HIV test can be performed in under 5 minutes, including blood sampling and the reactive check. You can get an HIV test with fast results in hospitals, clinics, and even online websites that sell DIY testing kits which are delivered to your home, so you can perform the sampling yourself.

HIV tests always have two stages. The quick test detects infections of 6 weeks or older, it requires a mere drop of blood and the results are nearly instantaneous. A negative result means that you don't have the infection. A reactive result - not yet a possitive - indicates that you might have HIV, and you need further confirmation with a longer test that can be performed at a hospital.

If you test possitive for HIV, the doctors will give you the best treatment for your case and monitor whether ir works well with you or it needs a little adjustment. Treatment itself has become much easier, people no longer have to take a handful of pills a day with many negative side effects. So don't be afraid, do it for yourself and for the people around you, and get tested. It's just a minute and it may save many lives, including yours!

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